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CenturyLink Speed Test

CenturyLink internet speed test is used to measure downloading, uploading speeds, ping, and jitter of your CenturyLink internet connection.

How to Check the CenturyLink Internet Speed?

To do a Century Link speed test, you have to follow the simple steps, which are given below.

Step 1:

Connect a computer, tablet, or smartphone to your CenturyLink internet.

Step 2:

Then open a web browser on the connected device and paste the following link in the address bar: https://wifispeed.io/centurylink-speed-test.

Step 3:

Once you are on the CenturyLink speed test web page, you need to click/tap the “GO” button to start the test.

Step 4:

After the test is completed, a report is generated that shows the internet performance.

Note: CenturyLinks speed test is conducted by selecting a server and sending packets to it. The server then sends some packets back. The time it takes for all packets to reach their destination is used to measure the speed.

How to Get Better Results from CenturyLink Speed Test Tool?

To get the best results from our speed test tool, you need to choose a server from CenturyLink that is close to your access point. You can do that by clicking the server name below the “GO” button. If you don’t select a server, the CenturyLink internet speed test tool will automatically select the server.

You can explore more different ISPs and their provided speed via our speed test tools

CenturyLink Internet Plans and Services

CenturyLink(Lumen Technologies) is a telecommunication company in the United States and has been providing services since 1930. CenturyLink offers both personal and business internet plans. Let’s check them out briefly.

CenturyLink Home Internet

The CenturyLink Home Internet offers fiber connectivity with unlimited data. The good thing about CenturyLink is that there are no binding contracts. You can pay for a month and cancel in the next without worrying about breaching yearly contracts.

The speeds range from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps. When you sign up for CenturyLink Home, you will also be provided a WiFi router. There is also built-in protection against common cyber security threats. You can also monitor and control your internet connection through the CenturyLink mobile app.

CenturyLink Business

The CenturyLink Business Internet offers unlimited data over a fiber connection with a maximum speed of 940 Mbps. You can add extra features like a landline, security cameras, and HD video conference support.

CenturyLink Devices

CenturyLink Home internet users have the option to add various accessories to their internet bundle. Some of the most popular items that you can get from CenturyLink are:

  • Call Blocker

  • Smart Home Starter/Advanced Kit

  • Various types of WiFi range extenders

  • Headsets and speakers

  • Alarm kits

  • Lights

  • Smart switches and plugs

You can pay for them separately or include them in your internet bundle.

CenturyLink Customer Support Details

Text Any Question: 888-320-3452

Support Link For Home: https://www.centurylink.com/home/help.html

Support Link For Business: https://www.centurylink.com/small-business/support.html

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How fast is CenturyLink fiber?

CenturyLink fiber provides a maximum of 940 Mbps internet speed. It is best for live streaming, fast browsing, and online gaming. But the speed can be affected due to your internet package.

Is CenturyLink 20 Mbps good?

20 Mbps internet is good if connected 1 to 3 devices only. It is enough to stream videos in 1080p and do casual browsing.

What is the speed of CenturyLink modem?

The CenturyLink modem can provide maximum speed from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps.

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