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WOW Speed Test

WOW Internet speed test allows you to measure the downloading & uploading speed, ping, and jitter of your WOW broadband connection. You can use the tool free of cost on all devices like desktop PC, mobile, and Tab.

How Can I Check WOW Internet Speed?

If you want to check the WOW internet speed, here are some instructions mentioned below to help you understand how to use this Wowway speed test tool!

Step # 1 Disconnect All Devices

The first and foremost thing is to disconnect all the devices (wired & wireless) from the router for an accurate speed test process.

Step # 2 Close Background Applications

Make sure that you force-stop all the background applications from each device.

Step # 3 Access the Tool

Open the WOW speed test tool by pasting the URL on the web browser https://wifispeed.io/wow-speed-test.

Step # 4 Launch the Tool

After you access the WOW internet speed test tool, click on the ‘GO’ button to start the connection test.

Step # 5 Get Speed Test Results

Finally, you will get the test report with internet matrices on your screen.

WOW! - Products and Services

WOW! is a reputed broadband company operating in the United States since 1996. The company offers reliable and fast internet services to domestic and commercial sectors. If you are looking for a diverse range of internet, business data, and top-notch internet services at competitive prices, let’s get in touch with WOW ISP. Here are some products and services offered by the company!

WOW! Internet Broadband

Internet broadband is the top-of-the-line service, WOW! offers its customers at reasonable prices. The ultimate target of the company is to deliver smooth and fast internet services using fiber technology. Further, the company also delivers internet speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gig so that the users enjoy hassle-free browsing.

Whole Home WiFi

The company provides amazing whole Home WiFi services that households can enjoy on multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops PCs, and smart TVs at the same time. The coverage range of the whole home wifi is 300ft to 1500ft per device. It’s an amazing service that you may enjoy at home.

Youtube TV

The WOW internet users can enjoy YouTube TV, and find it full of fun, and entertaining at home. Don’t need any cable box for this service, the users just download the app, and then watch their favorite movies and 100-plus live channels by signing up for the YouTube app through WOW.

WOW! tv+

WOW! tv+ is another mind-blowing facility that offers download and recording services to users. WOW! tv+ app is available on the IOS or Android store. Hence, users get an opportunity to watch HD shows on different devices, even on smartphones with terrific results.

Customer Support Details:

Phone # 1-866-496-9669

Contact URL: https://www.wowway.com/support/contact-us

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How fast is WOW! internet speed?

WOW offers multiple packages with speeds ranging from 300 Mbps to 1.2 Gig. You can measure the speed with our speed test WOW tool and determine that WOW Internet is reliable and fast.

Is WOW! Internet cable or DSL?

WOW provides full fiber connectivity as well as DSL. Fibre differs from DSL, DSL is much slower than Fibre.

Does WOW Internet come with WiFi?

Yes, WOW includes a WiFi router/modem and a fiber terminal with all of their internet bundles.

How to make WOW! internet faster?

To make your WOW! internet faster, you can upgrade your package. Alternatively, you should use a wired connection instead of WiFi to get the best speed available in your package. Also, disconnect all extra devices that are consuming bandwidth to get the best speed. Use our internet speed test WOW tool to match the speed with your subscribed internet plan.

What type of internet does WOW! use?

WOW uses the hybrid fiber-coaxial network to deliver the highest speeds possible to all of its customers.

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