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Jio Speed Test

The Jio Internet Speed Test is a user-friendly speed test tool designed to help you assess your internet connections speed, ensuring you get the most out of your browsing, streaming, and gaming experiences.

How Do I Check My Jio Speed?

Testing your Jio internet speed is a simple process that helps you assess the performance of your connection. Follow these steps to test your Jio speed:

  • Access the Jio Speed Test Tool

Open your web browser and go to the Jio fiber speed test tool via the link https://wifispeed.io/jio-speed-test

  • Start the Test

Click on the "GO" button. This initiates the test, and our speed test Jio tool begins measuring your internet speed.

  • Wait for Results

The Jio net speed test tool will take a few seconds to measure your download and upload speeds, as well as ping and other relevant metrics. Once the test is complete, the test report of the internet connection quality will be displayed on the screen.

Jio Fiber Speed Test Results - What to Check

Look at the download speed, upload speed, and other metrics, such as ping and jitter, provided by the Jio fiber speed test tool. Compare these results with the internet speed promised by your Jio plan.

By regularly testing your Jio internet speed, you can ensure that you are receiving the service you are paying for and address any performance issues promptly.

If you are using other internet services in India like Hathway or BSNL, you can use the BSNL wifi speed test and Hathway speed test tools for reliable and accurate results.

Is a Jio Internet Speed Test Necessary?

Absolutely! Regular speed tests help you identify issues and ensure youre getting the speed youre paying for. Perform a speed test Jio at least once a week to stay ahead of potential issues and optimize your internet experience.

About Jio Internet Service Provider

Reliance Jio was commercially launched on September 5, 2016, by Reliance Industries Limited, led by Indias business magnate Mukesh Ambani. Jio entered the market with a disruptive force, offering free voice calls and significantly cheaper data plans than existing telecom operators.

Reliance Jio was different because it concentrated only on a 4G network, being the first in India to have only 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution). The company has been actively involved in testing and developing 5G infrastructure, aiming to position itself at the forefront of the next generation of wireless technology.

Products & Services Offered By Reliance Jio


JioFiber is a broadband internet service offered by Reliance Jio. It provides high-speed internet connectivity to homes and businesses.


  • High-speed internet with various plans offering different speeds.
  • Additional services like Jio Home Gateway, Free Voice Calls, TV Video Calling, and Norton Device Security, depending on the plan.
  • JioFiber plans often include a combination of internet, voice, TV, and other services.

Wi-Fi Calling:

Wi-Fi Calling helps Jio users make phone calls and send texts using Wi-Fi instead of regular phone signals.


  • Improved indoor voice calling in areas with low network coverage.
  • Seamless voice call handover between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
  • There are no additional charges for Wi-Fi calls; it uses the existing data plan.

JioTV Plus:

JioTV Plus is an over-the-top (OTT) streaming service provided by Jio, offering a variety of TV channels, movies, web series, and other content.


  • Access to a wide range of live TV channels across genres.
  • On-demand content, including movies and TV shows.
  • Integration of multiple OTT platforms within JioTV Plus for consolidated content access.

Jio Customer Support


Can external factors affect Jio speed test results?

Yes, factors like weather conditions and interference from other electronic devices can impact your speed test results.

What can I do if my Jio fiber speed test results are below expectations?

Troubleshoot by checking your router, minimizing connected devices, or contacting Jio customer support for assistance. However, you should try a speed test and identify the issue before taking any action.

Does Jio offer speed boosters?

Jio provides booster packs to temporarily enhance your internet speed. Explore these options based on your usage patterns.

What should be the speed of Jio fiber?

Jio Fiber, offered by Reliance Jio, provides high-speed broadband internet ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps verified by the Jio network speed test.

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