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Windstream Speed Test

Windstream Internet Speed Test is an online tool that evaluates the performance of your Windstream Internet. This tool can help you to detect upload, download speeds, jitter, and ping.

How to Check Windstream Internet Speed?

Follow the below-mentioned easy steps to check the Windstream internet speed.

Step # 1 Disconnect Digital Gadgets

The first thing is to disconnect all your digital gadgets connected to the Windstream router. After disconnecting the devices, you can accelerate your speed test.

Step # 2 Close Background Desktop Applications

For better and quicker results, make sure you close all background applications of the connected device with a Windstream internet for testing speed. Of course, these apps can slow down the speed test performance, so it’s better to close all running apps.

Step # 3 Access Your Windstream Speed Test Tool

After closing the background apps and disconnecting digital gadgets, open your web browser and paste the URL: https://wifispeed.io/windstream-speed-test.

Step # 4 Press the ‘GO’ Button

In the fourth step, you need to press the ‘GO’ button to begin your network test process.

Step # 5 Drive Speed Test Results

In the last step, you will come across a test result report along with downloading, uploading speeds, jitter, and ping on your device screen shortly.

Windstream’s Products and Services

Windstream is a famous Telecommunication company in the United States founded in 2006. The company offers internet services to domestic and small & large organizations. Therefore, consumers enjoy mind-blowing services that include broadband and digital TV at affordable prices. Let’s overview some amazing products and services offered by Windstream!

Kinetic Fiber Internet

Windstream has earned the support of millions of customers who like to use kinetic fiber internet facilities to come across splendid speeds. With fast fiber network speeds ranging from 300 Mbps to 8 Gigabits, customers get a chance to play online games and stream faster than their imaginations. Kinetic fiber internet is currently operational in around 18 states and growing rapidly. Interestingly, users can operate multiple devices using this fiber internet and never feel stuck and frustrated.

Kinetic Home Security

The Windstream company is providing home security packages like Kinetic Home Secure and Kinetic Home Secure Plus. With the help of these offers, users can protect their homes through HD cameras with live streaming and watch the 14-day recorded video history.

Kinetic Voice + Internet

Kinetic Voice(VoIP) is also a terrific service offered by Windstream Internet company that provides stable connections with unlimited nationwide calling. Interestingly, the service is affordable and offers amazing benefits to users.

Direct TV Stream

Direct TV Stream is ideal for watching 65+ channels. It’s a facility that allows users to watch national television live with apps like YouTube TV to spend quality time on weekends.

Support Details

Phone #: 1-844-952-0311

Service Support: (800) 347-1991

Online Support URL: https://www.windstream.com/support


How fast should my Windstream internet be?

Your Windstream internet should be at least 65% as fast as your package’s max advertised speed. So, if you have a connection of 300 Mbps, then your speed should never dip below 195 Mbps even during high network congestion.

What is the average Internet speed for Windstream?

The average speed of your Windstream connection depends on your subscribed package. As previously mentioned, your average speed should never dip below 65% of the maximum advertised speed.

Why is Windstream internet so slow?

Windstream does not offer any speed guarantees, so problems on their end can result in slow speeds. However, you should also make sure that your WiFi is not connected to many devices. It is also possible that your internet package is not fast enough for your needs.

How can I make my Windstream Wi-Fi faster?

To make your Windstream Wi-Fi faster, make sure to limit the number of devices that can connect to your router. A large number of devices on one Wi-Fi can slow down the internet speed. Then make sure that the Wi-Fi coverage is clear and that there are no obstacles between the router and the devices because this prevents signal interference.

Does Windstream offer internet protection?

Yes, Windstream offers Kinetic Secure– a service for securing access to your WiFi. With this service, your internet is protected against viruses and malware. It also provides a secure VPN to protect your privacy online.

What type of internet is Windstream Kinetic?

Windstream Kinetic offers both cable/DSL and fibre connectivity. They have both a 4G and 5G network. What package you can get depends on your location.

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