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TELUS Speed Test

TELUS internet speed test is an online tool that allows users to check the insights of internet connection that include uploading, downloading speeds, ping, and jitter within seconds.

How Do I Check My TELUS Internet Speed?

If youre experiencing slow browsing and extreme disconnection, internet speed test TELUS has got you covered with accurate results to let you know the reason behind poor browsing by providing internet stats. Here are the points to follow to conduct the speed test TELUS:

  • Open the TELUS speed test tool on your browser through the link: https://wifispeed.io/telus-speed-test

  • Click the GO button to begin your speed test tool process.

  • The test result report will appear on your screen carrying the all internet insights of your network.

These three easy steps can guide you to conduct a quick internet speed test. You dont need to consult with an IT professional to complete this test, it works on a single click and saves your valuable time.

You can also learn more about different Canadians ISPs and their provided speed via our speed test tools

TELUS - Products and Services

TELUS is a reputed telecommunications company based in Vancouver, Canada that started its operations in 1998. The company has formed a huge network in Canada and offering top of line services at attractive prices. TELUS offers internet protocol, voice, entertainment, and data services to a wide range of customers under five-star ratings. Lets overview some products and services offered by TELUS!

Reliable Fast Internet

Internet is the basic service that TELUS offers to its valued customers at an amazing speed. Hence, customers enjoy an internet speed of 750 Mbps throughout the day and night including busy working hours. Further, the company offers unlimited internet plans for up to two years, and in most of the regions, customers enjoy uninterrupted 940 Mbps speed.

PureFiber X

Fiber network service is the beauty of TELUS that customers love to avail throughout the country and enjoy flawless upload and download speeds of about 3.0 Gigabit. This PureFiber X service is very popular in western Canada.

With this fiber connection, they come across seamless online activities that include HD video streaming, chatting, and gaming. More importantly, this PureFiber X service can handle multiple devices simultaneously and never reduces the speed. Its ideal for playing online games.

TELUS Prepaid

TELUS prepaid is another fabulous service that starts from 15 USD and offers bundle surprises including voicemails, messaging, seminar calls, and worldwide call displays with no hard & fast agreements and credit checks. This service is ideal for users who love to grab it due to its endless benefits!

Check out for more TELUS prepaid plans.

Optik TV

Optik TV is also a top-notch service specially designed for entertainment purposes. Customers can access up to more than 38 HD channels to watch their favorite shows and movies in high-definition quality.

Customer Support Details

Phone: +1 888 811 2323

Link: https://www.telus.com/en/support/contact-us


How do I test my TELUS internet speed?

To check TELUS internet speed, use our TELUS internet speed test tool, and connect your device directly to the modem for accurate results.

What is the average speed of TELUS?

TELUS average internet speed varies based on the plan. The average speed of the Telus is 75 Mbps.

Why is my TELUS speed so slow?

Slow TELUS Internet can be due to various factors, including the high number of users, router issues, or using many apps on your device. Troubleshoot by restarting your modem, measuring your speed with an internet speed test TELUS, or contacting TELUS support.

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