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Rogers Speed Test

The Rogers internet speed test is the best tool for checking your internet speed including the actual download and upload speed and the jitter.

How to Check the Rogers Internet Speed?

The user-friendly Rogers speed test tool is quite simple to use. Follow the given points.

  • Connect a device (computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) to the Rogers internet.

  • Open a web browser on the connected device and paste the following URL: https://wifispeed.io/rogers-speed-test.

  • On the tool web page, click/tap the “GO” button to start the Rogers internet speed test.

  • The tool will provide a test report with internet metrics after a few seconds.

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Rogers Services and Internet Plans

Rogers Communications was founded in 1995 and provides its services in Canada. It provides several types of services and internet plans. Here’s the overview.

Ignite Internet

Ignite internet plans are for home use. There are multiple fibre optic plans that provide download speeds ranging from 50 Mbps and going all the way up to 2.5 Gbps. All megabit plans come with a WiFi 6 modem, and the gigabit plans come with WiFi 6e modems.

5G Home Internet

5G Home Internet plan is also available and You can choose from two types of devices: a Nokia 5G gateway for home use or an Inseego X Pro 5G for on-the-go internet. These devices supported multiple connections at a time. The main benefit of this plan is that you don’t need to set anything up, and no technicians are required. There is only one plan, you get a download speed of 50 Mbps and a 500 GB data limit.

Mobile Plans

Rogers offers multiple mobile plans with TV and internet. The mobile-only plan provides access to the 5G network, and you can choose 60 GB, 75 GB, or unlimited data. The 60 and 75 GB plans have a speed of 250 Mbps. The unlimited data plan has a 1 Gbps speed. You can also get unlimited talk and text across Canada.

TV and Streaming

Rogers Ignite TV offers multiple plans with different numbers of channels. The minimum number of channels is 40, while the maximum is 158. Each plan gives you 4K content and is bundled with unlimited 150 Mbps internet.

The streaming plans offers an Ignite entertainment box with an internet plan, 200 hours of cloud storage (for recording), and 36 channels to 159 channels.

Home Security

Rogers provides ignite indoor and outdoor cameras for monitoring your home, as well as a doorbell camera. All the cameras are wired and have night vision technology. The cameras can also save 24/7 recording for up to a week. The audio and motion alerts feature is usable through the Ignite Home Connect app on your mobile phone.

Rogers Support Details

Support URL: https://www.rogers.com/support

Support Contact: 1 888 764-3771

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Rogers WiFi so slow?

Rogers WiFi can seem slow for a variety of reasons. The main issues are:

  • You do not have a WiFi 6 modem.

  • Your WiFi modem is old and cannot throughput enough speed.

  • Your device is too far from your WiFi modem.

  • Your device is old and cannot throughput the maximum speed.

How fast is Rogers 5G?

Rogers 5G Home plan provides a max download speed of 100 Mbps.

What is the fastest Rogers internet?

The fastest Rogers internet is the Ignite internet. Its highest-tier package provides a 2.5 Gbps download speed verified by the Rogers ignite speed test tool.

Is Rogers internet cable or fiber?

Rogers uses Fiber optics cables to provide the internet rather than copper or coaxial cable.

How fast is the Rogers modem?

Rogers claims that a WiFi 6e modem on a 2.5 Gigabit connection can throughput up to 1.9 Gbps. So, it is very fast. You can check the speed of your modem with the help of Rogers wifi test tool for accurate results.

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